This website and our code was possible thanks to all the professionals and companies that helped us. 



Images and photography

Some images (in our website or our software) are copyrighted by Riccardo Zorn, Jürgen Priewe, Stephen Coburn, Oleg Iatsun,

Most notable contributions

  • The logo and website design of September 2014, by Grafica 360°
  • The dinosaur in homepage, by
  • The LittleHelper logo by Stephen Coburn
  • The Too Many Files logo by Riccardo Zorn

Some images have been acquired from internet searches, and used usually in compositions.  While we put great effort to ensure that we have legal rights to use them, it is possible that errors on our part or third-party sharing services led to using some copyrighted resources.

Should this be the case, please contact us now, we're happy to give credit and recognition, and most importantly to acquire legal rights where we lack them.


Kudos to the coders and projects whose contributions made our work possible:

  • Open Source Matters
  • David De Sandro
  • by Steve Wittens
  • Akeeba by Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
  • jQuery
  • by Paul Irish

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