Riccardo Zorn

Senior architect and team leader, despite his venerable age still likes to write code and does so on several open source projects (mostly free!)


About us

FasterJoomla was born in 2012 as High Performance Joomla, when we decided to share our experience in improving the speed of Joomla Article Manager through a mix of configuration and dedicated extensions.

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Sobi Pro faster and easier

In our quest to make Joomla! sites faster, we often come across CCK (Content Creation Kits) that have been used way beyond their typical use-case. More recently, this also started applying to Joomla! custom fields.

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Usare la cache di Joomla

Joomla ha un sistema di cache multilivello molto efficiente. In questo articolo troverai una panoramica del sistema di cache di Joomla, come configurarlo, come verificarne velocemente l'efficacia.

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Translating Joomla techniques

How to setup and translate a complex multilanguage and multidomain Joomla portal.  This article contains several approaches to obtaining a manageable and sustainable Joomla! multilanguage site, regardless of the number of extensions, languages, content elements and modules. 

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