Translating and customising the Stripe Button, Mail and text

The Stripe Plugins rely on the Joomla Language translation files, so you can customise any text.

Localise the Stripe Button

For example, when you are using text mode the Stripe Button appears like this:

Joomla Stripe Button test

to clearly indicate if the current Vendor is using Connect or not. When you go live, the text changes to "Pay 52.50€".

If you want to change it instead to "Pay EUR 52.50", different strings for test and live modes are available:

STRIPE_PAY_NOW = "Pay %AMOUNT%"  // the site is Live
STRIPE_PAY_NOW_BASIC = "Pay %AMOUNT% (Basic Stripe)" // the site is in test mode and normal Stripe is used
STRIPE_PAY_NOW_CONNECT = "Pay %AMOUNT% (Stripe Connect)" // the site is in test mode and Stripe Connect is used

You can use the following tokens to change the button text to your liking:

        %AMOUNT% => let me decide i.e. 30,50€    $ 20.00     £15,15
        %TOTAL%  => the price i.e. 30,20   22,00 (will use the correct decimal separator based on your location)
        %CURRENCYSYMBOL% => €  $  £ supported.
        %CURRENCY% => the value passed by the techjoomla component e.g. EUR GBP USD

To continue the example above, the following:


should be inserted in Joomla Language overrides.

How to use the Joomla Language Overrides

1. Open the Joomla Language Overrides

102.joomla language overrides

2. Choose Language and "site"

103.joomla language overrides choose language and site

3. Create a New override (Press the green New button in the top-left corner)

4. Search for the string (make sure you select "Search For Constant":

104. search string

5. Click on the item you wish to change, the first in the search results

6. Edit the string on the left

105. create override

7. Press save and test:

106.updated Stripe Button

Joomla Language Overrides: how to change the text you see

When you don't know the name of the language constant you can use the above search function to search for text. Exclude any numbers from your search or search for a part of the text if the search does not find it.

A complete example follows

How to change the email text

The second most requested customisation is the email text.

Make sure you select "Search for Value" and input some text from the email.

107 email text customization with Joomla Language Overrides

Here you can use the following tokens:

  • %STRIPE_ITEM_LINE% the item description
  • %STRIPE_PAYMENT_MESSAGE% i.e. The payment is confirmed or pending i.e. one of the two language strings:STRIPE_PAYMENT_FAILED STRIPE_PAYMENT_SUCCESS_UNPAID or STRIPE_PAYMENT_SUCCESS_PAID
  • %STRIPE_PAYMENT_STATUS% as returned from Stripe i.e. "paid", "unpaid", the latter meaning that the payment is pending, which is absolutely normal for Bank payments.
  • %STRIPE_CUSTOMER_IP% the IP address of the customer

Additionally, you may want to change the other mail strings:


Other translation strings

Use the method outlined above to find the text you wish to change. Most are simple texts without tokens, and tokens are usually named in a sensible fashion. If in doubt, contact us.