Joomla Speed

Vuoi mandare Joomla! più veloce?

Questo articolo contiene i collegamenti agli approfondimenti.

Per una panoramica generale, puoi far riferimento al nostro talk al JoomlaDay 2016.


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Too Many Files - Optimize JS and CSS

Too Many Files clutter our websites: each component, module and plugin can load their own css files, js libraries, and custom scripts and styles.  So it's not uncommon to have more than 20 downloads slowing down our site. TooManyFiles solves the issue for you, by combining the scripts onsite, offsetting jQuery to a CDN, and combining all your css files in one.

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Joomla Little Helper

New and improved in version 2: Favicons now support Drag n Drop, Crop, Paste (direct from Photoshop or Firefox!)

Make your life easier: Favicons, Apple touch icons, Clean cache, Recycle bin, htaccess SEF.

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Javascript has poor native support for chess. Nor is it fast.  Thus many attempts at writing a javascript chessboard failed in the past years.

Now two libraries made the news: the excellent chess.js, which features support for FEN, PGN, legal moves, checkmate conditions and much more.

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Email2Contact: an email cloak plugin replacement

The emailcloak plugin ships with Joomla and replaces the emails in your content with Javascript code aimed at hiding them from spambots.  This has two shortcomings:

  • spambots quickly learn how to decode the javascript;
  • sometimes our markup is so complex that the email cloak just fails to work properly.


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