Joomla Little Helper

New and improved in version 2: Favicons now support Drag n Drop, Crop, Paste (direct from Photoshop or Firefox!)

Make your life easier: Favicons, Apple touch icons, Clean cache, Recycle bin, htaccess SEF.

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Javascript has poor native support for chess. Nor is it fast.  Thus many attempts at writing a javascript chessboard failed in the past years.

Now two libraries made the news: the excellent chess.js, which features support for FEN, PGN, legal moves, checkmate conditions and much more.

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Quick2Cart Extensions

Quick2Cart is an excellent multivendor e-commerce solution.  Some features are yet to come, but its architecture is the finest Joomla! MVC, allowing us to integrate and extend it to its full potential!  Here's a short list of the aspects we are working on:
some will make it to the core, some will remain independent extensions.  Most aim at extending the multivendor features of version 2.1, and has become in large parte obsolete now that Quick2Cart 2.2 has been released (update: September 25th, 2014).

New release 0.2 of the plugins released on June 4th, 2014  download now. (includes the pdf doc)

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Email2Contact: an email cloak plugin replacement

The emailcloak plugin ships with Joomla and replaces the emails in your content with Javascript code aimed at hiding them from spambots.  This has two shortcomings:

  • spambots quickly learn how to decode the javascript;
  • sometimes our markup is so complex that the email cloak just fails to work properly.


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