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#1020 – Re: Stripe plug in

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Mercoledì, 14 Gennaio 2015 15:20 UTC

Hi There,


I have pad for this plug in but I don't seem to be able to download it. When I try it says invalid token. Do I need to choose a consultancy package before I download the plug in?





Mercoledì, 14 Gennaio 2015 15:47 UTC


I see two lines for the order, one payed with Stripe, the other with Paypal, something went wrong with the paypal I guess. I deleted that and hopefully it should work now; can you please try again to logout, then re-login, and go to the download  page

If it still doesn't work, just let me know.


Kind regards,




Mercoledì, 14 Gennaio 2015 15:52 UTC

I paid for it through stripe not paypal. I got a receipt for this. I went to the download page again and logged in but it comes up as invalid token. Any ideas?

Mercoledì, 04 Febbraio 2015 02:40 UTC
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