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#1058 – Multi Vendor Stripe Payment

Posted in ‘Presales’
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Wednesday, 29 November 2017 13:35 UTC

Hello Team,

Joomla version: 3.8.1

I download and installed stripe plugin for joomla and working fine for Single Vendor.

but i need to implement on Multi Vendor So please provide me flow of this,  how can i implement for Multi Vendor from STRIPE Payment.



Wednesday, 29 November 2017 14:42 UTC

Hello Jide,

I am not sure what you mean by multivendor.

Several extensions support multiple shops/donations/events which can all be served by the Stripe Plugin.

If your requirement is however to have multiple beneficiaries for the payments, based on the logic of the other component, this is not part of the functionality of our Stripe Payment Plugin.

We developed the Stripe Connect plugin to serve that purpose in Quick2Cart, and it was also working fine with JGive a couple of years ago. Development and sales were stopped because of the support cost (it was priced 300 Eur and still it wasn't convenient for us to sell it, so we pulled it from the market).

Now we are working on a new version to support the new architecture of the Joomla Common API based on TJ-Vendor, our plugin is still in testing and I guess the new TJ-Vendor should be released in the first quarter of 2018.

Please let me know which component you are using so I can provide you with more information.

Kind regards,


btw update your Joomla! to 3.8.2

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 17:19 UTC

I am using Jgive 2.0.4 version, want i want is while payment is make via stripe method then some amount of portion goes to owner account and some account goes to mywebsite account. 


how can i achieve this scenario? 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 17:33 UTC


this is alas not supported. It was working two years ago with our Stripe Connect plugin, but I haven't tested it since, and I don't know if any changes were made to JGive to that specific installation. I have not personally used it. We are not selling the plugin any longer; if you want I can provide it to you, but I will not be able to offer any support, I have never used JGive and I don't know if there is a way you can store the individual store stripe payment information currently, or if it was a hack that the specific customer applied.  Are you also using paypal? because on another product they did a little change to use that configuration field instead, but of course it needs to be available. Do you code or do you have access to a developer that could help you with that?

It is worth noting that most likely before next summer the new payment architecture will restore this functionality in a reliable way.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 17:53 UTC

No, i am not using paypal for my website, i already bought Jgive extension. before subscribing to your extension i have read your desciption and it is written " This plugin provides the Stripe payment flow for single vendor or multivendor with payouts. "  can you please let me know how can i handle it from backend ?

check attached screenshot.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 19:44 UTC

I do not know how you handle it manually in the backend, it should be explained in JGive docs if JGive supports this kind of feature (I guess it does, other TJ products support it). As I already stated I don't know the product.

As you can see in the screenshot you kindly shared, the second line you highlighted states " This means that the site owner will always receive the payment in full, then it will be necessary to handle the payouts from the backend if multiple vendors act on the same site."

And just to ensure there would be no misunderstandings, I took the time to add:

" Should you want to handle payouts automatically, then an additional plugin will be necessary: The Stripe Connect plugin" ...

which as I mentioned was discontinued.

Thursday, 30 November 2017 04:21 UTC

Hello Ric,

if i want to handle payouts automatically then as additional plugin will be necessary. but i don't want to hande payout automatically, as you wrote that it will handle from backend so who will give me support for backend. Jgive or you ?


also written in the description  "This plugin provides the Stripe payment flow for a single vendor or multivendor with payouts." what does mean by multivendor? 



Thursday, 30 November 2017 07:14 UTC

This plugin complements the extensions using the Common Payment API - it know nothing of what the extensions do, it only provides them with a means for payment. As already mentioned, please check with the JGive documentation.

At least two of my customers were using it for automated payouts (using the retired Stripe Connect plugin), so there must be a way to do it manually, I guess you should be able to figure out how either reading the JGive docs or askingg for support. But I do not produce JGive, and I have never used it, and cannot provide support on it.

Saturday, 02 December 2017 04:30 UTC

Hello Ric,

i am getting round fashion answer from you and from Jgive support team,  i don't know who will support me to achieve my solution. 

Pl check attached screenshot which i got an answer by JGvie team.


Pl do needful help me on this


waiting for your positive reply over here

Saturday, 02 December 2017 12:08 UTC


the only way we could support this was through the Stripe Connect plugin, but it's retired, some users are still using it successfully but we do not provide it any longer since the architecture of the payment system Common Payment API is changing to TJ-Vendor we have to wait until that is out hopefully before next summer.

We do not have resources to do custom development and frankly providing you a version that worked with a two - year - old version of JGive would be worse than useless.

So why don't you just handle the payouts from JGive?  https://techjoomla.com/documentation-for-jgive-formerly-jomgive/payouts-report.html

Of course if you ask the JGive team questions regarding stripe you'll get the answers you attached. You only want to do payouts so start from the above page.  It is extremely important not to waste anyone's time that you ask the questions properly, if you ask a developer about a specific feature you need to understand the name of the feature. I you ask me about payouts, I will tell you to ask TJ; but if you ask them about Stripe, they will tell you to ask me!

Instead, what you want to do is figure out how to do payouts from JGive.

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