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#1077 – Stripe plugin

Posted in ‘Joomla Little Helper support’
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Sunday, 11 August 2019 23:31 UTC
If relevant, give us some technical details to reproduce the issue you're reporting Joomla version:3.9.10 PHP version:7.1 Server: (apache/iis and version) Server OS: (win/linux/osx)   My Stripe Plugin does not work with Techjoomla's 2.5.1   Please assist
Monday, 12 August 2019 14:54 UTC


which product are you talking about? JGive? JTicketing?

in the meanwhile, I asked techjoomla to send me the updated packages.

It would really help to know which is the issue you are facing, so I can run a test; depending on the issue, the server logs, a full description and / or a url where I can see the issue.

Thank you,


Monday, 12 August 2019 15:22 UTC
Hey mate,   Same senario as before.   When ive uploaded the plugin to the latest Joomla it does not display correctly.   The Product is Jticketing 2.5.1 The error is a message when trying to connect to payment plugin after entering guest info the eroor reported is: Transaction failed due to internal error. This may be due to the plug in not being installed properly on the latest Joomla version.   The Stripe plug version I have is 2.0.7.   To re create visit URL:   I will try and reinstall the plugin again, just incase its that.   Thank you  
Monday, 12 August 2019 21:20 UTC

Hi Michael,

the current version for download (stable) is 2.2.4, and is tested against Joomla 3.9.10 and JTicketing 2.2 if I remember correctly; I just asked techjoomla to provide it so I may update my test site and run the e2e tests, so I'll know if anything is broken.

An update is scheduled shortly (before the end of the month); some pre-release versions with the new heightened security are being tested now, I guess the next one or the following will be made public, we're nearly there.

Monday, 12 August 2019 21:35 UTC
Thank you for your reply, but what shall I do in the mean time, is there a link for 2.2.4 for me to test?
Tuesday, 13 August 2019 06:54 UTC


after you login you should find "My downloads" at the top of the page with a quick link, else go to or browse the menu through downloads-stripe payment or click on "My" menu item and you'll get all the downloads at the top of the page.

Kind regards


Tuesday, 13 August 2019 07:38 UTC
OK thanks,   But it says no files were found with that link
Tuesday, 13 August 2019 10:04 UTC

You need to be logged in, but your subscription seems to be expired that may be the reason; usually techjoomla replies pretty quickly to my requests so if you just wait a few days I may be able to confirm; however, no other users mentioned the issue so most likely the new version works; I will test as soon as I receive the updates from techjoomla and let you know the outcome.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019 10:12 UTC
Ok, But i need something working now, so can I get a link to the file and when the new one is ready buy a new subscription to download it?
Tuesday, 20 August 2019 13:43 UTC
Will the new version of this App conform with the below info required by Stripe?   Update your integration to prepare for SCA On September 14, European regulation will mandate    Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)  for many online payments. When it goes into effect, a form of two-factor authentication will be required for many card payments. Unless you update your integration, payments that aren't authenticated may be declined by your customers' banks.
Tuesday, 20 August 2019 14:32 UTC

Yes, I'm testing it right now, hopefully it will be out in a couple of days


Sunday, 15 September 2019 07:50 UTC


the version 3.0.4 is already out and working fine in several test environments and a few production. Full support for SCA!

kind regards,


Sunday, 15 September 2019 20:36 UTC
Can you send me the upgrade link please
Wednesday, 18 September 2019 07:02 UTC


this is going to be good for a couple of days, but if any issues arise there will quickly be a new version so you should always check the list after the login, which contains the latest versions and a link to download.

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